Our Vision

We believe that every child has the power to be exceptional.

Coaching and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) as well as practical, hands-on learning and individual attention, is a combination that makes us unique as a tutoring centre. You’ll soon see your child’s skills improve, their confidence increase and the difference Red Bird can make! There’s no such thing as can’t!

Learning by Doing

At Red Bird, we understand that some children need more time and practise in order to master the challenges of the school curriculum.

Our small groups – with a maximum of six children – allow your child plenty of time to practise their skills with an expert tutor.

Coaching & NLP

We don’t just tutor – we also coach your child. Using proven coaching and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) techniques, we help your child to take control of their learning and improve their study skills. They’ll quickly gain in confidence and start to recognise their success!

Tutoring Centre

Our Ofsted registered tutoring centre in Dunstable is open on Saturdays and runs 90-minute sessions at 9am, 11am and 1pm.

Ofsted Registered Logo

We are based at Ashton St. Peter’s Primary School, Leighton Court, Dunstable, LU6 1EW.



Included in your membership is one 90-minute session per week for your child. During their session, your child will work in a small group (up to a maximum of six children per tutor) on either English, Maths or Science.

Our tutoring centre also has a lending library that you are free to use. Items in the lending libraries include carefully chosen books as well as practical maths materials.

Membership of Red Bird Tutoring is £110 per month, per subject.

covid-19 update

Due to the current social distancing restrictions, the Red Bird Tutoring Centre in Dunstable is currently closed – but tutoring continues online!

Sessions will be held at the same time as usual and will be led by your usual tutor.

A Word From

Our Director

” Red Bird is the pinnacle of my twenty years teaching experience, my love of coaching and the determination that every child should achieve the highest potential that they can. The team of teachers at Red Bird are equally passionate about education and the importance of combining academic excellence with high self-esteem and self-confidence in children. ” I’m really proud of what we’ve created and look forward to seeing you in a Red Bird tutoring centre soon! ”
– Sue Michaels


What Parents are Saying

“Huge, huge recommendation. What a special team and approach Red Bird Tutoring have. Sue Michaels and her fab team have literally been a port in the storm for us during lock down. They have been supporting and enhancing home learning for my secondary school child for 7 weeks now. The tutoring has engaged and supported him amazingly and we’re so grateful that we found them as a company. The tutors have been so kind and helpful – his confidence has soared. They’ve been a huge support and a friendly face throughout. Big thanks from us :-)”

Parent of KS3 Maths & Science learner

“The difference that Red Bird has made to my son in the few weeks that he has attended has been nothing short of miraculous.”

Parent of GCSE English learner

“Red Bird have been amazing with my Year 11 daughter. She was working at 3/4 in Maths, and today we got her results and are ecstatic to report that she has achieved a 7.

Red Bird can absolutely take credit for this success; they have built her confidence no end over the last 6 months and helped her in the areas she was struggling.”

Parent of GCSE Maths learner

“With the help of Red Bird Tutoring, my daughter received an Academic Progress Award today, which would not have been possible without the help, support and care she got from this amazing team. Thank you all so very much.”

Parent of Year 6 English learner

“I can’t rate Red Bird Tutoring highly enough for their absolute support for my son.”

Parent of GCSE English learner

“We started our son at Red Bird Tutoring in May 2019. He went from and expected grade 2 in Maths to an actual grade 4 obtained. I look back with regret on the missed opportunity I had to start him sooner. Who knows, he could have had a 6 or 7.”

Parent of GCSE Maths learner

“Red Bird really make the effort to find out what makes each child tick, which is so important when inspiring young people to learn well.

My son willingly gives up a chunk of his valuable loafing time every Saturday morning for his Red Bird sessions – no complaints – and he comes out smiling and happy to tell me what he’s been learning.

I consider this very high praise, coming from a teenager and I am happy that his confidence in this subject is growing well in advance of his GCSEs.”

Parent of GCSE Maths learner

From the first GCSE English language session that my son attended, his confidence has grown.

Parent of GCSE English learner

“My son says he wishes his experience at school was like that at Red Bird. He feels able to ask questions and learn without feeling under pressure.”

Parent of GCSE Maths & English learner



What LEARNERS are Saying

“They’re an amazing group of people with wonderful personalities, who would go to any extent to help you get where you need to be. Thank you, Red Bird Tutoring, I really enjoyed attending.

GCSE Maths learner

“Everybody is so kind and they can really help you out when needed. They have made me feel calm about SATS and I have learned how to calm myself.”

Year 6 English learner

“Red Bird is amazing! They have the best teachers who are kind. I feel good about SATS now – I feel calm.”

Year 6 Maths learner


Best New Business 2020!


We are thrilled to announce that Red Bird Tutoring has been chosen as the Best New Business at our local SME Awards!

Thank you so much to all of our amazing tutors and learners, who make every day at Red Bird amazing!

Sue and the Red Bird Team