Underlying our drive to help people face the world with more confidence is that we coach them to be happier generally. Lots of us hold a golden future when we will be happier: when we are thinner; when we earn x amount of money; when this or that.  It can become a never achieved point in time and you can be left feeling flat.  BUT, if you live in the moment and seek happiness everyday, you will be more content.

Here are some of my tips for a more fulfilled life and some external links for further reading 🙂


Compare only with yourself

It’s so easy to look around, and in particular on Social Media, and see people who could be perceived as ‘better’ in some way.  Not only does this say to yourself that you are not good enough in some way, you can also end up spending a fortune aspiring to be like someone else.  Start moving towards judging your success against yourself – how much better you have performed previously, how much weight you have lost, how much money you need. So congratulate other people on their successes/appearance/values, and go about your day.

Practice Gratitude

Find something everyday that you are grateful for.  People who have near death experiences often say that they have a new vigour for life. Imagine if you had that lust for life everyday! Practicing gratitude can really help towards this.  It doesn’t have to be a big thing, but something.  Your list will grow and you will feel happier! Here’s some more reasons why this is amazing for you.


Smiling is infectious.  I often smile at people in the street and in traffic jams.  Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t, but when it does, it gives me a happy feeling, and also they too will feel it.  Smile at yourself.  Smile at the dog.  Smile at your family.  Then spread the love wider and wider 🙂 AND it’s good for your brain!

Do what you love

I now love my work and am happy to go to work (almost) every day. I have energy and enthusiasm and see the world differently as if without blinkers.  Could you do the same? If not in your work world, what about a hobby? Could you fill your non-work time with something you love? Life is ridiculously short – fill it with something that makes you happy.

Connect with nature

Fresh air, sunshine, getting your feet on the ground – all of these things reset your body and are just good for the soul. I love being out in the garden or watching the birds.  We live on the water too, so that’s another relaxing element to my life.  Try and incorporate some regular time when you are just ‘being’ in nature.  Listen for the birds, take some deep breaths, watch the clouds. Here are some more reasons why this is important from those fab people at Mind.

Say nice things to yourself

Some of the things that we say to ourselves, we would never say to anyone else. I used to be very hard on myself and use words like ‘stupid’, ‘idiot, ‘rubbish’ when talking about myself.  And they were the words coming out of my mouth, nevermind the constant chunter in my brain.  It can take a while to break this habit, but slowly, slowly, starting with stopping those words coming out of your mouth, to catching your self-talk and blocking those negative phrases, to eventually being able to say positive things about yourself without cringing, is a journey worth taking for your happiness 🙂 You can teach it to your kids too.

Here’s to a happier you! And if you want a daily dose, then try these guys at Action For Happiness or Happiful 🙂





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