I won an award last week 🙂 it was for resilience in business and recognised the grit that it sometimes takes to keep going.

Grit is something we try to instill in our students at Red Bird, because, at the end of the day, it is what makes us successful or not.  I was lucky enough to sail through school and I thought that I was made for life.  But when things got tricky and I couldn’t just fly by the seat of my pants, I had to learn to be tenacious, to show grit.   Without it, I certainly wouldn’t have passed my A-levels (I failed all my mocks), I wouldn’t have passed my degree (a nasty car crash gave me PTSD), and the business would have failed (at one point I had five tiny businesses and a radio show). 

This tenacity was definitely in my genes somewhere deep down, but it was friends and family that gently encouraged me in the right direction and gave me the confidence to push through rather than staying in bed and choosing the easy route.

That encouragement is what we value above all else.  The building of confidence and that gentle nudge of belief until the student believes in themselves and can face knock backs.  We explore what anxiety looks like and how to overcome it so that they can be resilient in the future.  Because grades only get you so far.  There will be times when being resilience is what is needed.  Mistakes need to be made and challenges need to be faced so that you can build up resilience and that famous grit.

Think about your role models.  I suspect that grit and determination are or were part of their psyche.  We say let’s start that as early as possible so we can help our young people become the successful souls that are in there waiting to come out!



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Sue launched Red Bird Tutoring in 2018, combining her 20+ years experience as a teacher and school leader with her interest in coaching.

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