Happy New Year 🎉 I hope you had a restful time over Christmas and new year and weren’t plagued by all the germs flying around.

I love the new beginning side of New Year.  I used to feel it at the beginning of each term – almost a clean slate to start afresh and come in with renewed vigour to the party.  We would often talk to the children about New Year’s Resolutions and I know it’s common in those of us not so young too. But often these good intentions fall away quite quickly.

So how do we make them stick?

The main thing is to make small steps.  Many people try and get from a to z in one big leap, but that isn’t manageable in many cases.  You have to go through the other steps on the way.  For example, we talk to our students about long term goals and then help them with small actions that they can take to get them there.  Lots of small bricks to help build their temple of fabness! Part of Red Bird culture is the ‘Action cures fear’ element which forms a discussion with the student as to what they could do to move themselves forward in between sessions.  This gives the students ownership of their actions, but also highlights the many small steps necessary to finish a marathon or their long term goal.

Another service we provide during our tutoring, is to make time for talk, because we know that sometimes, that’s what’s needed to shift a learner into a happier place, guide them or explain something that will move them forward.  In your resolution, have you included people who are or could be your cheerleaders? Our Red Bird tutors all fall into that category.  We all need someone championing our corner 🙂 Here’s some more information on the coaching part of what we do that includes talking. 

Celebrating the small wins is my final tip for achieving your goals.  We always like to shout out our learners for small steps in the right direction.  This is a very individual process and for some it could be that they got 2 words correct that they’ve been battling with, for some it could be that they jumped 2 grades in their mock exam and pretty much everything else in between.  Every win should be celebrated as these are all stepping stones to your ultimate success.

If you find that time is not on your side to support your child through these processes, or you are part of the large group of parents whose children ‘won’t listen to me’, we can be your port in the storm.  Here’s another read about considering bringing a teaching professional into your home team.

All the very best for 2023 – let’s make it a successful one 😀


Owner of Red Bird Tutoring

Sue launched Red Bird Tutoring in 2018, combining her 20+ years experience as a teacher and school leader with her interest in coaching.

Since its launch, Red Bird has helped hundreds of learners achieve success!