Our Story


Red Bird Tutoring was founded in 2018 by Sue Michaels, MEd – a teacher with over 25 years experience in UK schools and abroad.

Sue was becoming frustrated with the way teaching was changing: moving from a focus on children as individuals to a focus on standardised data.

With new curriculums introduced by the government at Primary and a new GCSE syllabus at Secondary, pressure was mounting in schools for learning to take place faster, leaving less time to review knowledge and practise skills.

The pace of the new expectations also meant that schools no longer had the time to spend teaching learners how to build habits for long-success. Revision sessions are now led by teachers; success was no longer the responsibility of learners.

This lack of control over their own educational progress can leave learners frustrated and quickly lead to a loss in confidence.

But Sue knew that there was a better way – a way that allows all learners to shine!

A qualified coach, Sue created Red Bird’s unique blend of teaching and coaching. An approach that focusses on giving learners the tools and support they need to inspire a life-long change of attitude to learning, leading to success both in school and in life.

Sue recruited teachers she knew who shared the same values and a company was born!

More and more tutors joined us – all with the same ethos: to focus on teaching skills and habits that lead to long-term success, rather than providing a short-term fix.

Our Three Aims

When Sue founded Red Bird, she laid out three clear aims for the company: these aims remain at our heart today.

To teach skills and habits that lead to long-term success, rather than providing a quick fix.

To extend the reach of tutoring so that it is accessible to all children, regardless of background.

To be an ethically and morally responsible company who gives back to the community.

2020 Report to families

Download our 2020 Report to Families to see how we continue to work towards these goals.

Hours of group Tutoring in 2020

Hours of 1:1 Tutoring in 2020

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Best New Business 2020!


We are thrilled to announce that Red Bird Tutoring has been chosen as the Best New Business at our local SME Awards!

Thank you so much to all of our amazing tutors and learners, who make every day at Red Bird amazing!

Sue and the Red Bird Team